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Stallion Chemical Ejaculation

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:44 am
by RoadWarrior
Hello everyone! :)

I recently found an older thread on ZooVille where the following YouTube video was posted.
The description says it is used when any other method (live cover/crump/AV) is not aplicable. Comments are turned off.
Since I'm not really keen to ruin my google search history, I'd ask if GoldStud- or any experienced members could explain this method to me. :)
I for myself find it pretty fascinating to see a stallion ejaculate without an erection.

This one is a much closer and better view. It was posted on Beastforum many years ago, but got deleted short after. Dunno if it was declared 'abuse' by the admins or what. ... lion_1_mp4

Re: Stallion Chemical Ejaculation

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:13 am
by TwistedStallion
The basics of it are that you give a two drug combination. Imipramine lowers the ejaculation threshold and Xylazine causes the ejaculation. Either can cause a stallion to ejaculate on its own but giving both improves the success rate.

Xylazine is a very common sedative that will cause many stallions will ejaculate when given enough and left alone in a calm space. Basically you want them in an already calm setting then give the drug and wait. The resulting ejaculate is usually smaller volume but higher concentration. It is almost exclusively used for injured stallions who can't get an erection or have some injury making them fragile like a leg in a cast. It also happens unintentionally when someone gives a calm stallion just a litttlllle too much sedation then they make a puddle. Always funny.

I have no real world experience using it for collection purposes so Goldstud might have better info beyond the basics. If you are really interested and happen to have access to a university library there are plenty of papers written about the protocols and methods.

Re: Stallion Chemical Ejaculation

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:38 am
by RoadWarrior
Oh wow. :shock:

Thank you TwistedStallion for the thorough reply.
Now I see why the second video was deleted from BF back then... drug material is always a sketchy area :cry: But since it is medical, I find it pretty cool. :)

I find it mind-blowing that stallions react (over)seduction that way. :shock:
I wonder how much time they need to take effect, or what are the signs of the stallion that he is ready to realase his seed. I mean... you cannot just sit next to the stallion all day, and also you can see on the second video that the person puts the vial under his penis just in the right moment.

I googled Imipramine, and found out it is used to treat 'bedwetting' in humans. It sounds sort of funny that it actually causes roughly the opposite in stallions. :mrgreen: