Orgasm between mare and stallion

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Orgasm between mare and stallion

Post by Two-Stallions » Sat Nov 23, 2019 6:40 am

Most of the time a stallion will reach orgasm before a mare ever does when he covers her. Perhaps when horses mate in the wild the mare may achieve orgasm herself after multiple matings. My question is, why is the orgasm different between mare and stallion with how they respond? They both are capable of orgasming but with domestic horses, mares rarely reach orgasm. A stallion usually responds by heavy breathing with grunts as he is thrusting. A mare in contrast will let out long and low grunts of pleasure, but I haven't really heard the same breathing rhythm as a stallion. However a mare can get pretty worked up if she continues to receive stimulation.

Do you think you could record a video of a mare experiencing an orgasm? If so could it be with multiple mares and the differences in how each of them respond either by behavior and/or their sounds? In the equine reproductive community, there really is no real reason for a mare to be stimulated to orgasm. The only scientific reason would be a positive response by the mare to become receptive to the stallion and recall from memory that the process of being covered can be pleasurable.

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