Stallion thrust pattern/behavior

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Stallion thrust pattern/behavior

Post by Two-Stallions » Tue Dec 17, 2019 7:10 am

I request that a video is made where you discuss the different thrust patterns of the most recent stallions you have used. Justin seems to have an erratic thrust pattern and it isn't easily seen or identified when he is nearing ejaculation until fluid is expelled. Could you discuss the average number of thrusts that each of the stallions you have used previously will make before they ejaculate?

Could you discuss what the stallion is communicating to you during a collection? For example, While Star was being ground collected we can see some eye moving back, ears facing back and head movement. Was he becoming irritated/frustrated?

In prior videos of Justin being collected on the phantom, is it stressful for him? He does get excited at times but he does continue to mount the phantom during unsuccessful attempts. Does he become frustrated but continues because he is trying to achieve orgasm/ejaculation?

In future videos I would like for you to discuss during the video what the stallion is trying to communicate to you through facial expressions and body language. I would like for you to discuss how you respond to what they are doing and how you deal with that.

I know that you have done videos with some new stallions that really didn't know what a phantom was or what he should do with it, but it would be helpful to see how you correct a new stallion that shows undesirable behavior and how you reinforce positive behavior that you want.



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