Why I have not been very active recently.

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Why I have not been very active recently.

Post by goldstud » Sat Feb 01, 2020 8:13 am

Hi everyone,

As I am sure you all have noticed, I have not had much of an online presence recently. I have not posted as much as I want to and as much as you all would like me too. I would like to take a moment to explain what has been going on and what it all means for the future of the Goldstud Services video production. There have been big changes here that have been both good and bad.

As many of you may have read in the past, my finances here at my little farm have not been doing the greatest. The primary reason for that is that there has been too many horses and not enough long term helpers to help me care for them.
Because of this I spend way too much time outside taking care of horses when I should really be spending all day inside on the computer advertising, talking to potential clients, and editing videos to post, and letting helpers do the daily horse care. Since I am doing a lot of the horse care, it takes away from having the adequate time to try and get case flowing in.

Many people may be asking why then, would I have so many horses. Well let me tell you, it was not planned. When I moved here my intent was to bring the stallions (some of them owned by my business partner), tease mares, and personal riding horses. My business partner talked me into bringing the mares here as well, to be bred and go back to here place. Well, they came here, got bred, and never left. SOOOO then there was not only mares that I did not plan on, but babies I did not plan on.
To make things better, the babies were supposed to be sold and her and I split the sales money 50/50. Well, she kept turning down offers. Good offers! $15,000 for an untrained colt, and she turned it down.
At this point I was behind on my mortgage, defaulted on all my loans, lost my cell services and was just about to lose my home. At this point I alerted her that she needed to take her horses because the bank was about to reposes the property and the bank would then send her horses to auction and likely slaughter.
Along the way a trainer got involved, really liked her horses and said he would take them all to his place within a month and get them out of here so I could concentrate on making money to save my place. WELLL 4 months later, some of the horses are still here, and at this point I have found homes for more horses than the trainer has.

So, that brings us ALMOST to today.
As this is happening, the trainer gets my business partner to sign a form giving him agent authorization to sell mares and babies for her.
(I should mention that my business partner has been getting Alzheimer’s over the past few years)
This authorization only permitted him to sell mares and babies. There was no agreement for him to be able to sell any of the stallions. All her stallions were supposed to go to me. However this was not put into writing, just taken on a handshake.

Well, here is where we are now. He sold her prized stallion right out from under her. Many of you may know Justin from the videos. He was at the trainers place for training. He sold him without her knowing. Even worse, the Fucking ass-wipe had him gelded first.
Remember, this was her prize stallion. Well, that kicked it off. She was already suffering dementia in the form of Alzheimer’s. When she found out her prize stallion had been gelded and sold by someone she put her trust in, she went into a deep depression.

The Alzheimer’s went full effect. She stopped eating. She stopped drinking. She dies in the hospital.
It has been 2 weeks now since she died. Her husband and I have been trying to find homes for her remaining mares and babies because I simply cannot care for them. We have found homes for most of them and the trainer that sold Justin out from under her is SUPPOSED to come get 2 more babies and one more 2 year old. However I have been hearing that for almost 2 months now.

Now remember, all the stallions that were here at my place (also remember Justin was at his place for training), were supposed to go to ME! I had been caring for these stallions out of my own pocket (and Justin too really) for the past 5 years. Her and I and a written agreement that I get the stallions should she die.
This fuck-tard trainer, (or maybe it was just the woman he worked with that owns the farm he trains at) decided they were not happy selling Justin out from under her, but also were going to try to sell my stallions out from under me. One stallion in particular that was to be an up and coming breeding stallion and new to the Goldstud Video series.
Well, thankfully, before she went into her deep depression and starved herself to death, she signed the papers of the 4 remaining stallions over to me so the trainer could not take them from me.

SO here we are as of right now. The bad is that I lost not only my business partner, but also a very good friend. Yes, in her state of dementia so made some bad decisions, but she never made them out of ill will. All the bad decisions she made, she thought they were the right decision. And she always thought she would be helping to make more money in the long run which she was planning to use to help me out here. With her dementia she just did not realize that she was no longer in the old days where Arabian horses would sell on name alone. But she always had everyone else's best interest in mind even though she did not have touch with reality on how it would work OR WOULDN"T.

The good news is, most of the horses that were just too many for me to care for have left and the rest should be leaving soon. This means I can try to spend more time advertising and going to look for a job. Of course I have a lot to do to catch up on my mortgage, but at least now I have a fighting chance.
The other good news is that I have 2 new people that are hoping to come in about April. That should give me 3 part time people to help take care of the horses while I concentrate on bringing in money to keep this place going.

What does this mean for the Goldstud Services videos??

WEll, Bravo, Premo and Star are now mine which means I can keep making videos with them. Also, I will be adding a stallion to the mix that I got from her. He is just turning 3 years old in another month so this will be his first breeding season.
So I will have Goldstud and Arte (they were both in my name all along), keeping premo, Bravo and Star, and I will be adding a new mystery stallion.
Having less horses should mean more time to make videos, and when the 2 new people get here I should have even more time and more help with the videos.

I have lots of video ideas in mind and lots of suggestions and requests to work on so with more help I am hoping to work on some new videos ideas.

I also have some other things in the works that I thing many if not most of you will like but I am not going to say anything about it until I am sure it will happen.

And with that, I would like to say thank you to everyone that has stuck with me. This has been a hard journey for me recently and you all have been helping me through it. I am hoping to reward you for it.

This weekend I have to fix the atv I use for feeding, and repair fencing where the mares were chewing through the boards so that I can bring my horses up from the back pasture to where I don't keep getting stuck in the mud feeding them, but come Monday if not sooner I plan to start making and posting new videos.

Keep a look out.

Thank you everyone. And be waiting for the first video of the new stallion as I get him trained for breeding.

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Re: Why I have not been very active recently.

Post by Meowmixkitty93 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 9:38 pm

Jeez....that sure is a lot to handle all at once! Sorry to hear about your partner. Losing someone close is never easy, especially when you see it happen over time every day.

I wish I was closer, I’d lend a hand. No payment or anything. Just good will from my upbringing. Everyone needs help now and then.

I lurk in the shadows these days but still very much enjoy your videos. They’re educational and entertaining.
Do what needs to be done, we can wait.

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Re: Why I have not been very active recently.

Post by DJStallion » Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:11 pm

Hate to hear all that and wish I could help in some ways. I can't believe that shit head took advantage of your working partner and sold her stallion out from under her. There's a special place in hell for that person. I'm glad you got it in writing that the rest of her stallions go to you in the end. Good luck with everything and good luck with the videos.

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Re: Why I have not been very active recently.

Post by Dingoz » Mon Feb 03, 2020 6:05 pm

First of all thank you for opening up about this. And sorry to hear about your friend. Most of us whos been following you for a long time knows somewhat about your situation, but this sure filled in the gaps. Anyone who owns,work or train with horses knows the time and money investment that come with it. Its a full time job caring for that many horses and also managing everything around it. On top of that you need a full time job to pay for it. Dont worry and dont feel pressured about this site. I think at least a lot of us here who has been subscribing this long not only do it for your uploads, but also to support YOU in your everyday life.
Sadly alot of people out there today thinks that just because something is on the internet, it should be free for everyone. Obviously these people knows nothing about horses or the investment that lies behind making the videos you do.
Also sad to hear about Justin, but glad your other stallions are good with you.

Hopefully all that drama can lead to something positive moving forward! And for every bad experience you grow stronger..
Looking forward to new content, thank you!:)

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Re: Why I have not been very active recently.

Post by harvclub » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:46 am

Thanks for all your hard work
Life is never as easy as you hope, especially with a farm and that's why I continue to support, even if it's not much.

It's really unfortunate that Justin was Gelded, I can't imagine what the thought process was there but sadly there's not much you can do now. Ive had a similar thing happen, I had to board one of my barrel racing horses with some people I knew for a few months while I was out of the country and they had him Gelded because he broke out and got into the mare pen, apparently impregnating another boarder's show horse despite me telling them that 2 shitty barely electric fence wires aren't enough to stop a stud. Thankfully since I signed an agreement that stated they were responsible for any damages done to my horse so I took them to court and won a decent settlement. He's still a sweetheart and the girls still love barrel racing him but his breeding days are done, which is a shame because he was beautiful.

I hope things turn around for you though, I really hope you can find some decent help too, If I lived anywhere nearby I'd offer to help on weekends and things, sadly that's not the case.
Be well Friend!

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