New videos recorded and on the way

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New videos recorded and on the way

Post by goldstud » Tue Mar 03, 2020 7:29 am

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not gotten new videos posted. As I mentioned in the announcements section things have been a bit rough here.

I have recorded new videos and just need to edit them to post.
The videos in the next series are staring Star. Star is old and gets a build up of sperm in his accessory sex glans which plug them up and make him unable to ejaculate. In this series of videos I go from him being unable to ejaculate, I then rectally palpate him to message his accessory sex glans to break up the sperm plug while stimulating his glans penis, to end up with a successful ejaculation.

I will explaining all this in detail and the reasons why during the videos.

Keep an eye on this thread as I will start posting them soon.


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